Organic Pecorino Colli Del Sangro IGP 

Pecorino wine is obtained from the vine variety with the same name cultivated in Abruzzo since 1800. However, in the next years, cultivation headed towards more productive white berry varieties. By the way, these days, thanks to hard work, this genotype has been brought back and, although fruitless, it produces a type of grapes which gives birth to an excellent quality wine.  In fact, Pecorino wine owns an extraordinary balance between acidity and alcohol which lets it gain more longevity. Straw yellow colored with greenish highlights, it is endowed with unusual, original and enchanting smells. When it comes to taste, outstanding pseudo-freshness in the oral cavity and pseudo-heat in the esophagus.

It matches well with fish dishes, white risotto, white meat, herbal cheese. It is also excellent to drink between meals and as a happy hour. It is best served at 10-11°C.


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